• Counter-surveillance and anti-surveillance, particularly with respect to operators, must be considered from two aspects: •As conducted by a subject of surveillance •As practiced by a Surveillance Operator The object of this document is to make the operator aware of some counter- surveillance techniques. These can and have been employed by foreign sources and hostile intelligence officers during the course of their activities, or by a surveillance operator to protect their own operational and personal security.
  • Prior to information on this subject becoming available, Betsy Ramsey was learning to think like a stalker and developing methods of intervention. She has worked thousands of cases as a victim advocate and traveled across the US and Canada training law enforcement and other professionals on the subject. This guide is based on years of experience and from having been stalked. Targets of stalkers need to be educated quickly on the dynamics and the dos and don'ts of handling the crime. This guide provides information that can assist the target through the process. It starts with basics you should keep in mind and covers the dynamics of stalkers and obsession, the dynamics and common reactions of targets, documentation, intervention, laws, legal action, danger assessment and security. Cyber/electronic stalking is also addressed with information on equipment that may be used to stalk and recommendations for the targets to keep up with the data that is going out on the Internet by the stalker that may be inaccurate and can pose danger. Straightforward and easy-to-read, the handbook can be used as a reference and to educate family, friends and co-workers of the target. The sad truth is that stalking cases are often mishandled because those involved do not understand the dynamics of the crime. The guide can also be used for prevention, particularly by the parents of children. Young children are not referred to as stalkers, but they can be trained by an adult to be obsessive. Children as young as preschool have focused inappropriately on a classmate. The child's obsessive parent encourages the behavior and tries to take over the life of the targeted child and his/her parents. Stalking is a crime that impacts the lives of the targets and those around them. This criminal can escalate rapidly and quickly pose a danger. This handbook is a step-by-step guide for those who are being stalked or want to learn about this dangerous crime. .
  • A carjacker lurking in a shopping mall parking lot. An abusive husband pounding on the door. A disgruntled employee brandishing a gun. These days, no one is safe from the specter of violence. But according to Gavin de Becker, everyone can feel safer, act safer, be safer -- if they learn how to listen to their own sixth sense about danger.De Becker has made a career of protecting people and predicting violent behavior. His firm handles security for many of Hollywood's top celebrities -- Madonna, Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis, Brooke Shields, and John Travolta, among others, according to press reports -- and his computerized risk-assessment system helps analyze threats to members of Congress and the Supreme Court. Now, in this unprecedented guide, de Becker shares his expertise with everyone. Covering all the dangerous situations people typically face -- street crime, domestic abuse, violence in the workplace -- de Becker provides real-life examples and offers specific advice on restraining orders, self-defense, and more. But the key to self-protection, he demonstrates, is learning how to trust -- and act on -- our own intuitions. For everyone who's ever felt threatened, this book is essential reading.
  • 'How do I catch a cheater? What are the main signs of cheating to look for? How do I check if my partner/husband/wife has used Ashley Madison?' In this comprehensive insight into the modern landscape of infidelity, relationship counselor Susan Silverford presents her guide to suspecting, detecting and resolving cheating in the modern age.This book, divided into the major stages of cheating, and then further into specific topics, guides the reader through the practical and emotional stages of cheating that commonly occur. The book explains the nuances of each stage of the infidelity process - suspecting, detecting, considering, confronting, reflecting and moving on. The ways in which the age of the internet has reshaped the infidelity landscape psychologically and practically are also clearly elaborated upon. The book is written as clear but compassionate advice which aims to be upfront about the difficulties and challenges of infidelity.
  • The first volume of this series made you digitally invisible. This book continues with your journey and explores complete physical privacy and security in the real world. After 100 pages of updates from the previous volume (Digital), this book explains how to be private and secure in your home and while you travel. You will create a more secure home perimeter, use living trusts, land trust and LLC's to privately title your home, apply physical disinformation techniques around your property, execute a fail-proof firewall to protect your entire home network and devices, install better locks on your doors, enable advanced features of your alarm system, install a proper home safe, modify your vehicles and usage, privately title your vehicle and registration, embrace surveillance under your terms, avoid threats to your safety, secure your belongings from physical and digital intrusion during travel, and become more aware of your surroundings while being prepared to take action.When taken to the extreme, you will be impossible to compromise.
  • Here's How to Secure Your Home, Featuring 320 Extremely Powerful Tips to Protect Your Home From Burglary And Theft.If you are interested in home security than you need to read this book right now as it may be the most important home security book you'll read in a long time.Here's just a fraction of what you’re going to discover in this book that you simply will not learn anywhere else:* How to best take advantage of the most effective home security techniques – ideas to make any of your home security activities a success.* The surprising "little-known tricks" that will help you secure your home the most.* How to find low cost home security materials and equipment; this best kept secret will save you lots of money on your purchases.* Do’s and don'ts for the most popular home security methods: top home security activity ideas for a fully secured home.* How to take your home security to the next level; be ready to be surprised when you discover how easy and effective this is.* The simple unvarnished truth about what works and what doesn't work in home security, this is really crucial!* Extremely effective ways to take advantage of recently discovered home security equipment and methods.* Home security myths you need to avoid at all costs.* Golden rules to help you get better at securing your home; discover simple methods that work perfectly every time.* The vital keys to completing a home security project successfully.* How to make sure you come up with the most effective solutions to your home security challenges.* A simple, practical home security strategy to dramatically cut down costs, but amazingly enough, almost no one understands or uses it.* The top home security mistakes people do – and how to avoid them.* How to put together an effective home security routine: the golden rules of good home security practices - find out the easiest, simplest ways to take on the most important home security tasks.* The exact home security routine you should be following for every home.* What nobody ever told you about home security; insider secrets of avoiding the most bothersome challenges.* All these and much much more.
  • Knowing that no survival book can cover every conceivable aspect of surviving in every conceivable situation, in Total Survival, veteran survivalist James C. Jones delivers tips that cover the most likely needs of readers and for which there is useful and practical instruction. His goal is to share a variety of practical survival skills, principles, and ideas in an easy-to read format that will aid the reader in becoming stronger, safer, and more self-reliant. The ten principles of survival that Jones sets out are derived from analysis of true survival accounts. Studies of why some people survived fires, plane crashes, assaults, and other deadly situations while others in the same situations perished confirm that these principles made the difference. Although the data and concepts in Total Survival are derived from accounts of acute disasters—such as tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and epidemics—they apply equally well to chronic disasters, such as economic decline, shortages, unemployment, climate change, and personal family or health issues. In reality, all of life is a survival challenge, and a survival emergency is just a high-intensity life test. These ten survival principles are the key to success in everyday life, especially during an emergency.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family from a Home InvasionDave Young has survived his fair share of violent attacks, including witnessing a home invasion first-hand as a teenager when two burglars broke into his home. Fortunately, his family was okay, but the terrifying experience motivated him to dedicate the rest of his life to helping others survive life’s dangers. Now a seasoned veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and police force, Dave has packed this book with everything he’s seen and learned about home invasions. This life-saving information will turn chilling “what-if ” scenarios into planned strategies to protect your loved ones and belongings from any threat.Dave uses practical, everyday language to help you view your home from a criminal’s perspective, identify weak spots in your defense and correct them―effectively scratching your home off their target list. He uses real-life examples to teach how to recognize a threat scouting your neighborhood or home. Plus you’ll get detailed instructions on using unconventional weapons of opportunity placed smartly throughout the home and so much more. This book is for everyone―whether you own a firearm or not― because in reality, you can’t depend on a gun to save you in every situation. What will truly keep you safe is a better sense of awareness, the ability to recognize danger and the knowledge of what to do when you can’t avoid it, all of which you’ll learn here. Don’t let another day go by when your family could be at risk―start your proactive family defense strategy today.
  • A practical, everyday guide to securing your house and family through easy home defense techniques for dads. The world is a beautiful place, but sometimes it can be scary. Danger isn’t only in foreign countries or on the other side of town. Danger creeps into your neighborhood. How are you going to keep the danger out and your family safe? What is The Secure Dad? Andy created The Secure Dad to help families make better decisions about their personal safety. Since 2016, he has provided information on home defense and family security, to help families become safer and enjoy life. The Secure Dad has garnered praise from security industry leaders, law enforcement and dads all over the country What does this book cover? Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide will walk you through how to change your thinking to recognize signs of danger, how your home may be vulnerable to attack and what you need to do to sleep better a night. Learn how a routine can make you safer, how your social media can make you a target of a crime and how to make your home more secure. The Secure Dad empowers fathers to lead safer families to enjoy life. Keep danger off your doorstep and your family safe at home.
  • Specifically for home users and small business owners, cybersecurity expert Terry Sadler lays out the easy-to-learn methods and tips that will make using the Internet more safe and secure and protect the family as well as the business.Identity Theft. According to the Symantec Internet Security Report (2014), mega breaches are data breaches that result in at least 10 million identities exposed in an individual incident. There were eight mega breaches in 2013, compared with only one in 2012.Viruses and Malware. Some security experts estimate there are more than 250,000 new malware variants detected daily and more than 30,000 websites exploited daily. These numbers are staggering.Email Security. Learn how to reduce the amount of SPAM that makes it to your inbox. Improve your email security habits and discover better ways to communicate safely and with privacy.Internet and Browsing Security. You cannot afford to leave the security of your sensitive information up to your ISP. It is actually easy to apply a layered approach to security and minimize your risk. Learn about your options; then pick and choose what works for you and your situation.
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