Key Fob Diversion Safe


Key Fob is an original diversion safe designed to keep your cash, medications, and valuables safe and undetected.

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Key Fob Diversion Safe

We all want the same thing, if you’re smart, and that is to STAY SAFE AND KEEP OUT OF TROUBLE. The Snea-Key Fob is ideal for people who want a portable diversion safe that will guarantee privacy and peace of mind. This ingenious fake car key fob stash box is what every music festival, club, concert goer, and traveler needs! Keep your cash, medicine, or valuables hidden and undetected from prying eyes. The surprisingly spacious size of this diversion safe will keep you and your friends out of trouble and partying all night long! About Festivaults: We make original stash safes designed for music festivals, raves, clubs, and other adventures. Key ring and instructions included. Interior dimensions 2″ X 1″ X 0.5″. Fits (8) Size #2 Gel Capsules. Fits (12) tictacs.

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The Snea-Key Fob is an original diversion safe designed to keep your cash, medications, and valuables safe and undetected. We tested hundreds of key fobs designs to find one that would blend in and pass any visual inspection, have the largest useable hidden compartment, and be user friendly while in a crowded concert or club. We then optimized the interior to make it the most inconspicuous portable stash safe available.
[Keep Your Valuables Safe & Leave Your Worries Behind] Securely snaps together and can be opened by inserting and twisting a key or a coin into the bottom. When open, both sides stay attached to your key ring to ensure that no pieces are dropped or lost when you’re at a music festival and that drunk guy bumps into you.
[High Quality Materials & Purpose Driven Design] Looks almost identical to a very popular existing key fob and lacks any exterior features like blank keys or extra buttons, making this fake car key fob blend right in. It’s made from the same high-quality plastic as well, to keep the good time going for a long time.
[Large Storage Compartment Designed To Protect Your Stash] Keeps your valuables safe and protected with it’s smooth interior. Having no protrusions or sharp edges in your stash box will make sure your items aren’t crushed or damaged even after you’ve partied through the night.
Perfect for music festivals, concerts, nightclubs, bars, sports arenas, traveling, or on vacation. Get sneaky and freaky with the Festivaults Snea-Key Fob.


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